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SUSTAINABLE LIVING « leadingleed.com
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University of Toronto EXAM CENTER – LEED Gold

I am a student studying Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto. Ironically, the building in which I dread the most, is the closest to my heart.

This green hell-ish concept was designed from an old warehouse. It makes sense, all you need in an exam center are large open spaces for desks and chairs with enough room to encourage discourage cheating.


1. Re-using the entire structure when possible is not only logical and cost-saving, but also contributes to LEED points (MRc `1.1 – Building Re-use – Maintain existing Walls, Floors and Roof)

2. Electricity Reduction through the use of:

  • maximum use of natural light
  • a sophisticated lighting control system
  • high-efficiency T5 lighting fixtures
  • LED task lighting at each workstation
  • energy star appliances, computer monitors, displays and photocopiers
  • automated building controls (Direct Digital Control)

3. High SRI Rooftop made out of lightweight Concrete, keeps the building well insulated and keeps the temperature down during the summer.

4. Rainwater is collected on the rooftop, held in a cistern and then used in the toilets to reduce water use by 62%

5. Standing Bike storage is used for space efficiency.

The Definition of SUSTAINABILITY

There is NO such thing as a truly sustainable building. Whenever we take from the Environment and Earth, there is no way to completely reverse our artificial alteration. However, in recent years we have been trying to attain sustainability, by essentially reducing our affect on the planet we call home.

LEED is a major step in the correct direction on humanity’s route to sustainable building and life. I am not going to bore and scare you with statistics about if we do not change our unsustainable lives THE RAPTURE will come or 2012 will occur. It is much more simple than that. The Earth possesses a limited amount of resources which WE DEPEND ON, the more we use them, the less there will be to support us.

So join me, and 130 000 other current LEED professionals and take a step towards sustainability.