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Harvard Office for Sustainability

“GREEN IS THE NEW CRIMSON,” Quoted from the Harvard Office for Sustainability Facebook pages.


I have been meaning to share this on the blog for quite some time. They have a plethora of information regarding LEED and every other kind of green industry. Harvard is an academic leader in every field, so it does make sense that they are leading the way in green research too.

An acquaintance of mine, McKellar,  started a LEED blog in 2008, http://www.reallifeleed.com. It was known to be a very relevant and up to date hub for anything related to LEED. All posts were based on exactly what people wanted to know and had in question. Earlier this year he was offered and took a job as a High Performance Building Specialist in the Green Building Services unit at Harvard University. I give Harvard props for scouting Reallifeleed. He has now taken his talents over to Harvard and continues his research in the Green Building Industry.

It is updated daily and was recently featured on the USGBC website. 

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