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A few corrections in the Videos:

  1. The definition for campus project and group projects are flipped –campus projects are one site, multiple LEED projects/boundaries, where as group projects are a group of buildings certifying under same application.
  1. LTc6: In addition to bike racks equalling 5% FTE and 2.5% visitors, there must be a minimum of 4 uncovered and 4 covered racks for each building.
  1. LTc7: Reduced parking footprint is based on whether LTc4 AND LTc5 are achieved, not just LTc4.
  1. WEp2/WEc2 – Sensored faucets no longer contributes to a reduced flow rate in v4. They did in v2009. Also hospitality projects can only achieve 1 additional point by meeting the requirements of one table. Schools, healthcare and retail can achieve up to 2 tables for 2 additional points.
  1. EAc5: Renewable energy – the column on the right that is mentioned as healthcare points is actually core and shell.
  1. EAc6: Option 2 is also based on the amount of refrigerant, leakage rate, and expected life to determine if the <100 requirement is met. The video only mentions using ODP and GWP listed in the table.
  1. EQp1: Natural ventilation monitoring requires one of the three requirements to be met, not all 3 as mentioned in the video
  1. EQp2: Smoking is actually prohibited on public sidewalks within 25ft of the entrance even if they are outside the property boundary – see page 626 of reference guide.
  1. EQc1: The requirements that were mentioned is only for mechanical ventilation. There are slightly different requirements for naturally and mixed-mode ventilated buildings.
  1. EQc7: Option 1 should be 2-3 points and option 2 should be 1-2 pts.
  1. EQc8: The view factor for one of the ways to achieve quality views is not based on the # of views provided , but how much of an angle the window has. See page 746.
  1. ID Credits: Pilot credits and innovation credits can actually achieve up to 4 total points by combining option 1 and 3 or 2 and 3.

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