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I am Mathew!

I am a Certified CA and have nothing to do with green buildings, other than the fact that I work and live in one. So, perhaps I have the most to do with Green buildings!

In the past 5 years many new office towers have sprung up in the downtown core, however not on Bay Street itself, they have been built south of Front Street, and the core has now been stretched. All of these buildings have been built with LEED certification objectives in mind.

With the Bay Street buildings now aging past the 30-40 year old mark, they are becoming outdated , and tenants are realizing that these new buildings have a lot to offer including new modernizations such as LEED certifications. 10 Major Bay Street tenants left their bank towers in the past 5 years and moved to these new buildings in the southern core, and they said 2 major reasons were it was more economical, and the building’s LEED certification aligned with our company’s’ objectives in being more environmentally conscious.


Many owners on Bay Street saw this happening, and became concerned that they were losing tenants to these more up to date buildings. The owners of the RBC plaza decided to refurbish and update the massive office complex, which was over 30 years old. It was the first Bay Street bank tower to obtain LEED certification. Cadillac Fairview saw what was happening around them at the RBC Plaza and First Canadian Place, and decided they need to begin refurbishing their complex, the TD Center, in order to keep tenants. So they began a massive project to refurbish and retrofit all 6 buildings to obtain LEED certification. They started this project by replacing all of the windows with updated ones to better insulate the tower, in the oldest tower, over 45 years old. Next they plan to install a 22,000 square foot grass roof on top of the banking complex at the TD Center.

As you can see LEED certifications now speak loud to major corporations on Bay Street, and it is now playing a big role in the buildings they are deciding call their homes.

The Prius Effect and Building Dashboards

Hello Everyone,


i just want to start this post off by congratulating everyone who has passed the LEED GA thus far from the class. Great job everyone and don’t stop there!

Today I want to talk to you about something known as THE PRIUS EFFECT. This phenomena was actually introduced to me through LEED. For a little background on the prius effect we must go back to one of the first hybrid cars, the toyota prius. The Toyota Prius innovatively interacts with the driver to make one concious of your fuel consumption.

It is very simple, as the driver sees his/her fuel consumption ($$$ Leaving their pockets) they will try to drive in a way that reduces the consumption rate. This in turn reduces the amount of money that will be spent on gas.

This effect can be duplicated inside sustainable/energy-efficient LEED buildings. By utilizing something known as a building dashboard, the occupants can see their energy consumption and make note of how their activities can reduce that consumption as well as their energy bill.

It allows occupants to check their real time energy/water consumption and even Greenhouse Gas emissions or see the trend of those aforementioned items.

Feel free to check out an exemplary one here: http://buildingdashboard.com/clients/brower/

Building Dashboards can also lead to LEED Innovation in Design credits.