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University of Toronto Survey Camp – LEED

My Sincerest Apologies for this hiatus. I can assure you I have missed you more than you have missed me. For the past two weeks I have been living in a bunkhouse with 40 other men (and 1 working shower). BUT! Don’t worry it was all in the name of learning how to survey and completely sustainabiliz – ing a new redeveloped Survey camp. 

It is very difficult for one to explain survey camp without being in its presence. Survey camp is located on 200 acres of land which has been owned by the University for this sole purpose for the past 93 years. The signatures and detailed murals date back to the early 1920’s. 

We first learned using the theodolite and surveyed land to create a highway curve and then ventured onto drawing a topographic map of the property using a Total Station. 

I want to focus on the things that you came here for LEED and sustainable development. The Blog Post will only scratch the surface of what is to be an in depth case study of the UofT Survey Camp redevelopment. A large part of survey camp was a sustainability unit in which we dove into the world of how energy saving items such as wind-power and deep water cooling work. We studied the efficiency or rather inefficiency of PVC panels, as well as the feasibility of using deep water cooling as a part of the redevelopment. I was responsible for creating a presentation on the specific items that lead towards a sustainable LEED camp.


The Civil Engineering Department has been raising large sums of money and wishes to redevelop the entire camp in a sustainable way and ensure it is sufficiently used throughout the year. They have developed some very preliminary drawings to generate ideas. During LeadingLEED`s case study we will look at what it takes to be LEED on this interesting property.

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